"Cats have nine lives. Which makes them ideal for experimentation."



So I've started work and all's well. I'm actually having a really good time and the people there seem pretty cool. However, I've got to do something I really hoped I never would. Myself and a partner have a theoretical $1 million which we can invest over the next 7 weeks in the following.

• WTI Crude Oil

• S&P 500 Stock Index

• Euro

• US 10 Year Treasury

• Three Month Eurodollar Interest Rate

So any ideas? Because frankly I'm stumped... I think in the mean time I'll just focus on making my lunch for tomorrow...


Time's up! Having had 4 months off of doing well, anything, I start work tomorrow. So what have I been up to? Well looking back I've actually done quite a bit. I've been to Paris and spent 3 hours up the Eiffel Tower. I've learnt to drive and passed my test. I've lost a stone and a half through diet and exercise. I've been to the Edinburgh Fringe festival. I've been to two movie premiers (sort of). And I've moved to London, something that I've meant to do since I was little. I may not have been on a big exciting tour of South America or anything, but I'm pretty happy with what I've done and where I'm headed.

I guess now it's time to look ahead. What have I got to look forward too? I start my IMC (Investment Management Certificate) training in a few weeks as well starting my CIMA qualification training. I'm also going to see Sigur Ros and Ben Folds over the next couple of months. I'll be planning my next holiday (either Mexico or Peru) and commencing a life of singledom in London, something which I haven't felt able to think about properly while my life's been so up in the air. Anyway, here goes. I'm just hoping I'll be able to stop my hands from shaking for long enough to get my Oyster card anywhere near the barriers on the tube.


This time tomorrow I will be in Paris! *smug*


I've like Sigur Ros for some time. I remember bonding with friends who I still have to this day over them in the first week of university four years ago. Based on the single I was expecting good things from their new album, Takk but it has surpassed by wildest expectations. Just really really really lovely! The NME (New Metaphor fEderation *gah! tenuous*) says "If you imagine the noise God makes just before he eats a slice of cheese on toast, then comparably, that’s how satisfyingly yearning the 65 minutes of 'Takk…' sounds." Much as I hate to admit it, in some ways, they're right!

I am also currently loving

Diarios De Motocicleta from Gustavo Santaolalla

Plans by Death Cab to Cutie

I am a Bird Now by Antony and the Johnsons

• and Demon Days by Gorillaz

PS: Here's hoping the Elbow album is as good as the previous offerings.


Over the past couple of days several good bands including Radiohead, Gorillaz, The Zutons and Elbow in collusion with several mediocre bands (Coldplay, the Coral etc...) have put together an album to support War Child. I would advise purchasing here. Though I'd maybe wait until tomorrow, the servers seem to be a little busy!

Update: The servers seems to be a little better now. The George and Anthony one feels like it should have been made by the people from South Park


Life for me lately has been a little odd so my music taste has been similar however given that I've been tagged here's an easy post detailing my most recent listenings.

• Leyendo En El Hospital - Diarios De Motocicleta - Gustavo Santaolalla

• Quit Smoking - Death Cab For Cutie

• Buildings and Bridges - Ani DiFranco

• Gypsy Death and You - The Kills

• Strings that Tie to you - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Jon Brion

All a little introspective I'm afraid.


"As a dyslexic person, please allow me to state that all of your smartass comments and jokes about this serious affliction are greatly appeciated.



It's strange how a weird day is only compounded by seeing a grown man pick his nose and eat the err... discharge.


I haven't posted in a long time and finally today I feel compelled!! Why? I GOT GRUMPY.

I offer my deepest sympathy to everyone who has lost their loved ones but I maintain the response to the New Orleans disaster has been appalling.

Why were provisions not made for those who could not afford to comply with the mandatory evacuation orders?

Why was Kathleen Blanco forced to say, on sending 300 "battle-tested" National Guardsmen to the city, “They have M-16s and are locked and loaded. These troops know how to shoot and kill and I expect they will,"?

Why has George Bush in the face of the deaths of thousands of people, made jokes that cash donations will be used fraudulently?

Why in a stadium where 20,000 people are sheltering have people rumored to have been raped and murdered?

Why have shots been fired at helicopters trying to rescue people trapped by the floods?

• Most importantly, why is it taking so long for the richest country on earth to evacuate the people, some of whom are dying, from the city?

I find it difficult to answer these questions without zoning out and muttering to my feet something about stupid Americans building below sea level and electing monkeys.

However perhaps it is finally time for Bush to realised that yes, global warming is real, and yes, it will affect people in a very real way. Maybe in some strange parallel universe he will even realise that America's recession from the Kyoto Protocol cannot be justified by mere wealth creation.

Though I'm certain the likelihood of Bush realising the right to defend yourself does not amount to the right to kill others and that maybe, just maybe, gun legislation need to be tightened is even more remote. All I can say is that I'm glad the maladjusted idiot who raised the 13-year-old girl that ran up behind me and pushed me over in the street today does not have a gun and will instead be preoccupied with her inevitable teenage pregnancy.

In the mean time, I would advise donating what you can to the Red Cross.


Just a quick note to say sleep works miracles and I'm feeling much better now. Oh, and packing is not fun!


So it's been over a month since I last posted and I guess a lot has happenned in that time. I've turned 22, finished my exams, obtained a degree (*blows own trumpet* I got a first), I've been to France and seen the final Star Wars film in Leicester Square at midnight on the day of release, gained possession of a blender and climbed the stupid climbing frame that the put on my campus and tried to pass off as art. Given the above list, you could be forgiven for suggesting too busy to post here, but in reality, I've just been too lazy.

Having spent the last couple of weeks drunk, I think I've just sobered up. To quote Marvin, 'I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed'. Maybe it's the fact that in the last week of term I made atleast 6 new friends who I'm really going to miss, not to mention the friends who I've had for 4 years who are now dissapearing off all over the place. I'm going to miss the lifestyle terribly. The last week of term was amazing and I think that what I can remember now will stay with me for a very long time.

I am at the moment going to concentrate on graduating in a couple of weeks and moving house, hopefully leaving the whole growing up thing for another day. I am definately not going to watch Big Fish again which I blame for putting me in this mood in the first place!!


Election update. For all those who haven't made their mind up about how to vote in the upcoming election, but are a fan of celebrity endorsements, then you'll like this article. Although if you're a big fan of Joan Collins...this may be the time to ignore her!

If you're thinking about voting BNP but are not quite sure how much of a racist you are then this page may help, as well as letting you know whether you're ageist, fatist or sexist. The only thing it doesn't offer is a running total of how much of a bastard you are.


So, I've finished my dissertation. I'm moving into a flat in Shepherd's Bush. I've got a job in the city. It's all a bit like growing up. Just three exams to revise for and then...adult life.

So I figure I will retain my youth by playing silly games on the internet.


Who should you vote for? This quiz should be able to help out those with difficulties.

Who should I vote for?
Your outcome:

Labour 0

Conservative -31

-- Liberal Democrat 52
-- UK Independence Party 5
-- Green 38

You should vote: Liberal Democrat

Via Minor9th


Having not been around much lately I haven't posted for a while, however when I've found time to trawl the internet I've found a few gems.

Firstly this article, about research conducted by a Dr Robert Witt, who happens to lecture me in econometrics. My thoughts are less about the content of the article, but more the theory that all the econometricians in my department seem to do research into is football. He's tried several times to defend himself but I know better. Finally I have proof that doctorates are just a license to watch football all day…

This may be retro now, however this archive 1950's information video on posting in forums is really quite intriguing.

Also the new amazing apple iProduct is out soon!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!

(I don't know if you will have heard but the pope is dead. Details of his funeral can be found here...)


I went to see Constantine last night, pretty good actually, however I also saw some trailers and got to thinkng that there really are some rather cool films coming out soon.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for which the best of the trailers can be found here.
Starwars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, for which a teaser can be found here. Though a new trailer has recently been released which I hope to find soon.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which should be about in July. The trailer contains some disturbing americanisations for what is quintessentially an English book, plus some very odd music. None the less...I have to trust Tim Burton

Also I have a feeling the Ring 2 may be worth a watch if you're into that kind of thing, though the IMDB rating would suggest not.


Happy St Patricks Day! Also noticably the day of the last lecture of my university career. All the more reason to get wasted... Anyway, here are some st-patrick day greetings from the people at Family Guy. Have a lovely day people!


Ok...so I'm very very sad, but even my housemates, who are not the biggest neighbours fans thought the episode on thursday was amazing. Something to do with blowing up the coffee shop. Which is why
(a) this background is amazing and
(b) this game is amazing. Particularly when the coffee shop blows up when you don't serve people quickly enough...ace!!


I've had a terrible moment of clarity! Vonda Shepard began it all. This vile Ally McBeal backing singer was only the beginning. Oh yes! Without pissing Vonda Shepard, there would be NO sNorah Jones, there would be NO Dildo, there would be NO Katie Melualua la la la la la la la bamba, there would be NO Joss "17" Stone and perhaps even no Damien Lice and no Jamie 'please someone' Cullhim.

Damn you channel 4 and the miserably dull alBUMS you advertise.
Damn you channel 4 and your prescribed dinner party listening vomit.
And DAMN you channel 4 for allowing Vonda Shepard onto British television in the first place.

To quote Ally McBeal "someone should die for this, I'd like to see you all die".

UPDATE: Please note that I have in conference with Simon decided Amy Wiiiinegum must also die...


According to a recent Forbes survey the Global Porn industry is worth £30bn. Given this information, should I really be surprised that since adding a picture of Javine's nipple slip on Eurovision my hit count has increased 800%. Perhaps not, but frankly you're all filthy buggers!

Food for thought…why does completing an exam always leave me in dire need of curry and a bottle of wine…hmmm

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