"check dis bangin' choon" - there is music here...



Big Yoga Muffin - Wherever you go, There you are

Many years ago a friend made a mix tape (I know…tape!) which I used to do the washing up to, and nestled between Sweet Child of Mine, and some placebo track, there was a track called Boredom is a Luxury by a band called Big Yoga Muffin. As such, in these crazy days of iPods and audioscrobblers, I bought the album off e-bay. It rules!

A mixture of funky brit pop riffs, weird samples, and catchy pop tunes. Perhaps if they played opener ‘Is that how you get off’ in the student union, its skittish back ground and sing-alonga-chorus might actually inspire me to dance. While Boredom is a Luxury instantly leaves you sipping Pinacolada under the sun, on a broken lounger in the back garden of some Brixton council house and loving every minute of it. Soulwax would have stolen from this band, had they ever heard of them.


Ani DiFranco - Little Plastic Castles

I listen to a lot of a lot of a lot of ani difranco and I've only picked this one out because I've listened to it quite a bit lately. (that and it has a pretty cover to make my site nice a pretty). Given ani a listen! now! go!


The Cinematic Orchestra - Man with a movie camera

Cinematic orchestra are one of those rare things that turn up and you just can't listen to anything else for quite some time. Even without their ability to make the most effective work music...say if you happened to be writing your dissertation rather than building a website...they are just great