"I do not regret the things i've done but those i did not do"



Election update. For all those who haven't made their mind up about how to vote in the upcoming election, but are a fan of celebrity endorsements, then you'll like this article. Although if you're a big fan of Joan Collins...this may be the time to ignore her!

If you're thinking about voting BNP but are not quite sure how much of a racist you are then this page may help, as well as letting you know whether you're ageist, fatist or sexist. The only thing it doesn't offer is a running total of how much of a bastard you are.


So, I've finished my dissertation. I'm moving into a flat in Shepherd's Bush. I've got a job in the city. It's all a bit like growing up. Just three exams to revise for and then...adult life.

So I figure I will retain my youth by playing silly games on the internet.


Who should you vote for? This quiz should be able to help out those with difficulties.

Who should I vote for?
Your outcome:

Labour 0

Conservative -31

-- Liberal Democrat 52
-- UK Independence Party 5
-- Green 38

You should vote: Liberal Democrat

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Having not been around much lately I haven't posted for a while, however when I've found time to trawl the internet I've found a few gems.

Firstly this article, about research conducted by a Dr Robert Witt, who happens to lecture me in econometrics. My thoughts are less about the content of the article, but more the theory that all the econometricians in my department seem to do research into is football. He's tried several times to defend himself but I know better. Finally I have proof that doctorates are just a license to watch football all day…

This may be retro now, however this archive 1950's information video on posting in forums is really quite intriguing.

Also the new amazing apple iProduct is out soon!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!

(I don't know if you will have heard but the pope is dead. Details of his funeral can be found here...)

Smoking Kills ...EVERYONE!!!!!
Spot the difference ...Seriously...
Star Wars: A new dude.
Some people just really like queuing.
Kiddie crucifixion kit. Sick and wrong!
DON'T look at this...
Photo of me not looking completely shite...thanks Davros!
USB HAL. Amazing what you can do with modern technology....
Family Guy April Fools. Slightly overdue!

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